Be sure to include dates in your diet

Having trouble choosing a very nutritious, high-energy snack? Do not miss this text.
As we explained in previous posts about dates and their types, today we want to talk about the benefits of adding dates to daily meals as well as the best and worst time to eat them during the day.

The best time to eat dates during the day
If you think that you can eat dates safely at any time of the day, you are sorely mistaken, because the best time to do so is when you feel hungry. When you feel hungry, it is a good time to eat dates so that the body can secrete the right enzymes to digest it and absorb the maximum amount of nutrients by eating dates. People who do not have much time for breakfast are usually advised to eat two or three dates with lukewarm water or milk at the same time as they do not have time for a full breakfast. Eating dates for breakfast helps your body get enough dietary fiber and keeps you full for longer. This reduces the risk of binge eating in the morning and the resulting weight gain.
In addition to breakfast, dates can be a good fruit for an evening meal. Since many people suffer from low blood sugar and low energy due to daily activity in the evenings, so the recommendation to eat dates can provide both sugar and energy. On the other hand, eating dates when you are hungry and about 30 to 60 minutes before exercising can keep you full for longer, energize your body, and make you want to eat fatty and sweet foods (containing sweeteners Eliminate abnormalities such as sugar. When two to four dates are eaten about 30 to 60 minutes before exercise, the carbohydrates in them are slowly released into the body and keep the person’s energy at a desirable level for longer.
In addition to breakfast, dinner, times of hunger and before exercise, another best time to eat dates is a snack before bed. The recommendation to eat dates as a snack before going to bed is more for people who wake up during bedtime feeling hungry and go to the refrigerator. Due to its high fiber and natural sugar, dates can keep you from feeling hungry at all hours of sleep. Therefore, eating one to two dates, about half an hour before bedtime, is a good recommendation for people who miss a good night’s sleep due to hunger.

Worst time to eat dates during the day
One of the interesting points about dates is that in some situations and times, it is better to draw a line around its consumption because the side effects of consuming it in these conditions and times will outweigh its benefits. One of the contraindications to dates is for people with irritable bowel syndrome. These people experience severe bloating and pain when they eat dates because they cannot easily digest the fructose in dates.
On the other hand, eating dates immediately after the main meals is not recommended at all. Dates contain a lot of fiber and are in the group of slow-digesting foods. Therefore, eating them immediately after the main meals, especially after eating a heavy meal, can cause severe gastrointestinal upset and a feeling of discomfort such as heartburn or severe bloating. Another contraindication to dates is when you have diarrhea for any reason. Because there is a special compound called sorbitol in dates, consuming this fruit can increase smoky bowel movements and thus worsen the condition of a patient with diarrhea. Except for the cases mentioned or in cases where a person is allergic to eating dates, there is no time or other contraindications for dates.

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