Do You know Different uses and products Of date?

In this Article we want to introduce some uses of date product. 

Various uses of dates in the industry include

  • date juice and date honey
  • liquid sugar, date vinegar, alcohol, beverage extract,
  • date halva, date chocolate chip
  • Date syrup, sauces, pastes
  • compotes, marmalades, jams 

some popular Uses Include :

Date Honey:

What is date honey? Date honey is a refined extract of date syrup, which is bleached and its mineral salts are extracted and formulated as a honey-like concentrate. “Date Honey” contains all nutrition of dates and as sweet as a cup of sugar but way healthier. This is why it is used in the beverage, chocolate, ice cream, marmalade, and candy industries as well as in confectionery as a substitutive of white sugar.

Date Liquid Sugar:

What is Date Liquid Sugar? as what it may sound like, it is a more concentrated form of dates in the shape of sugar, but a liquid sugar that looks like date syrup but with more sugar content. In this product, all non-sugary compounds such as protein, fiber, and dye are extracted from the date extract. This product is produced by a machine used for making honey. It only has fewer brix than honey.

Date liquid sugar can be used as a substitute for sugar and other sweeteners in different beverages and cakes. They can be packed in small one-person packages and be served instead of sugar in coffee shops and restaurants.

Date Syrup:

Date syrup is a concentrated liquid obtained by dissolving date juice in water. It has all the properties of dates and has many uses and is available in two types of thick and thin.

This product is considered to be a healthier sweetener with more minerals such as potassium than sugar and has less effect on disturbing blood sugar balance. It is used for the production of pastries and biscuits and instead of artificial sweeteners in the food industry. They can be a wonderful ingredient for different dishes in restaurants and bakeries and can also be used as a natural sweetener for coffees or beverages provided by airports and other public places in small packages.

 Date paste:

What is Date paste? Date paste is a smooth, delicious dough made of dates. For producing date pastes they follow these steps: the inhaled dates, which are contained in 20-kg plastics, are shredded into a tank containing a spiral rod and are completely pulverized; They then enter the core separator machine that removes the kernels from the date paste. Date paste is used in biscuits, cakes, and pastries.

Date vinegar:

Dates can be used for obtaining a great vinegar with a great sweet taste. This vinegar has a sweet-savory taste and can be used as a dressing or ingredient in different dishes.

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