Familiarity with Date

Dates with the scientific name of Phoenix Dactylifera is a monocotyledonous and tropical plant in the genus of palms.
Nakhl or Mokh is a title that refers to plants of different families, which is known as Nakhl more than any date plant . Dates have been in the human diet since ancient times and are one of the oldest fruits grown by humans. This fruit has religious significance for Muslims.
The date tree is more than two hundred years old and its components have many properties and benefits. Different parts of dates include: fruit, leaves, flowers, seeds and gums, and each part has important sources of effective compounds.

The properties of dates are obvious to all of us. But some of the special properties of dates are that the nutritional value of dates is high and blood-forming. Dates have a unique effect on making the body fat and strengthening the sexual powers of cold temperaments and diseases caused by cold and back pain and joint softness.

Iranian Date

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