Superior Negin Saffron

This type of saffron is more popular with customers. In this type of saffron three strands of stigmas are connected and are smooth and without fractures. This has made this type of saffron look better and more expensive than Sargol saffron.


Premier Sargol (al_red)

Sargol Saffron is one of most useful types of saffron .In Sargol saffron, which is a pure saffron, the creamy part or the whiteness of the saffron is completely removed and only the red part remains and stigmas have fractures.


Mancha (Pushal) Saffron

The white part of the end of the string is low. It has 3 stigmas connected to each other.The quality is lower than Sargol saffron and the coloring is higher than the batch model. Most of the saffron bought from the farmer is like this.


Bunched (Dasteh) Saffron

The white part of the end of the string is very large.It has 3 stigmas connected to each other.Low coloring and fragrance (known in the National Standard Organization of Iran as grade 4 saffron) Production has decreased in this way, but it is the main and most basic type of saffron.

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Powder Saffron

Powder Saffron is obtained by grinding the original saffron strands and turning it into very fine particles. The properties of real saffron powder are exactly similar to the properties of the original saffron and it has a good flavor and coloring power. All Saffrons should be powder at the end for using


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